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First partnership EICEE meeting in Podgorica

15 Jun 2023
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The first partnership meeting was organized in Podgorica in the period from June 11, 2023. until 13.06.2023.

The meeting brought together all the project partners. During the two days of work, the partners became better acquainted with the concept of the work of all partners individually. During the partnership meeting, the expectations of all partners were presented and a road map was drawn up on how to achieve the expected results. The partnership meeting has two equally important focuses. The first part of the meeting focused on the implementation of the project plan for the first year. Acquaintance of the leading researcher with the situation in all partner countries when it comes to social entrepreneurship and circular economy in general. All project partners are familiar with the 5R concept and expectations from the creation of a recycling passport. One of the expected results of the project is the construction of regional infrastructure for 3R projects. The partners have developed a strategy for building a unique infrastructure through maker spaces. The second part of the meeting was devoted to establishing project management and ensuring project quality management