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Structure of the organization

ADP – Zid have a Assembly and Indenpendent Board of Directors, which representes managing bodies of the organization. Executive bodies of the organization are Executive Director and Programme Board. Within organization number of employees and persons engaging by contract is various, depending of scope of work and activities within actual projects.

Large number of young people recognize the work of organization as their priorities, so the number of active volunteers within projects and services of the organization is much lesser than number of volunteers enlisted and included in volunteer's data-base.

Indenpendent Board of Directors

Indenpendent Board of Directors established by the decision of Assembly of the organization in order to direct and controle the work of organization, on volunteer base, composed from respectable individuals and community representatives interested in work of ADP ZID. Aiming development of strategic plan, programmes and project activities of the organization, Board cooperate very closely with executive director and other officers from the organization. The Board could take the role within realization of certain activities within projects of the organization. In oirder to make the work more effective, the Board could create some permanenet or temporary committees – they could meet by need and President of the Board is in charge of gathering the committees.

Work and function of the Board is defined according to special act and corresponding to statute of the organization.

President of the Board of Directors is Slaven Radunovic, director of "Office Center" company. You can contact Mr. President by e-mail: slaven@t-com.me

Indenpendent Board of Directors is in charge of:

•  Suggesting to Assembly propositions of changing of Statute of the organization and suggestion about changing of mission and aims of the organization.

•  Suggesting to Assembly propositions about changing of Board's personal structure.

•  Providing effective planning of organization with participation within a process of strategic planning of the organization.

•  Participating in providing of suitable resources for work in organization.

•  Adopting Annual Report about work and operating of the organization.

•  Works on promotion of public reputation of the ogranization participating in representing organization in public.

•  Taking care about legal and ethical integrity of the organization.

•  Works on recruiting and orientationing of new members and evaluating the efficiency of the Board.