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About us

25 Jan 2014
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Association for Democratic Prosperity - Zid – is non-profit organization established 1996. in Podgorica, and the scope of work in the beginning was student's questions within University of Montenegro. Organization has developed step by step, and 10 years later ADP ZID is one of most developed non-governmental organization in Montenegro. Of course, youth was and still is the focus of work within organization, as well as volunteerism and community development.

Our vision is:

Well developed and democtratic society of equal citizens, open for different initiatives and changes, aiming permanent improvement of life quality for people who live in it.

Our mission is:

ADP – Zid promote and strenghtening participation of individuals and organizations in process of development of civil society trough realization of inovative programmes aiming strenghtening of democratic processes and contributing development of community.

Aims of organization:

•  Increasing individual opportunities for development and active participation of citizens, especially young people, in local community, using promotion of volunteerism, mobility, non-formal education, initiatives for advocacy and services.

•  Advance quality of life within community, urging citizens, administrative organs and political parties on cooperation and on that way to make them to take over active responsibility for self-development.

•  Starting dialogue and contribute to sloving problems within society, using different media and cultural forms.

Programme of ADP - Zid

Within ADP ZID are engaged experienced team of people with appropriate knowledge for work in different projects and activities in the frame of three basic subjects: volunteerism, community development and information and culture. According to that, and having in sight needs of comunity and special aims, organization formulating the work and three next programme subjects:

  • Programme of National volunteer's center;
  • Programme of community development;
  • Programme of information and culture;
Aims of the programme

Volunteer's Center (VoC)

•  Improving level of knowledge of individuals, NGOs and public institutions, using different kind of educational programme regarding volunteerism, public advocacy and organizational development.

•  Increasing and supporting development of individuals and organizations trough inter-cultural education as a result of volunteer's exchange.

<p ">•  Increasing level of awareness of citizens about importance of volunteerism for development of community and working on creation of suitable legal frame for local and international volunteering. <p ">Community development programme (CoD)

•  Improving status of young people working on reducing the level of discrimantion in society and increasing of their chances for employment.

•  Contributing in development of civil society in process of integration trough initiatives of public advocacy, campaigns for raising awareness of citizens and non-formal education of the youth in general.

•  To develop projects and programme aiming increasing capacities and cooperation of citizens and local administrations, targeting improving of community development and status of citizens them selves.

Culture and information programme (CIP)

•  To promote cultural standards and influence in affirmative way within universal system of values trough different culture forms.

•  To contribute to the process of reform and decreasing of level of direct political influence on society and young people with programme which could influence culture and objective information of the youth.